St. Michael-Albertville Craft Show November 21st.

We’ll be at the St

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. Michael-Albertville Craft Show on November 21st at 9 AM with our entire line of jigsaw puzzles!!get_involved/c1yzj


Hope to see you there!




  1. I have the Minnesota puzzle. Loved the challenge, but two of the connecting edge pieces were missing.

    • Carolyn, sorry to hear about the missing pieces. If you can send us a photo of the full puzzle and then a close up of the two missing pieces we should be able to send you replacement pieces! I’ll email you this information as well. Tony

  2. It sucks that there isn’t an image of the new twist puzzle. Wings of Winter is almost impossible to tell the snow pieces from each other. A written list of what is different doesn’t help find where they fit in, at all. Also hard to know how much of the squirrel is actually in the image, nor where each animal is in relationship to the trees, snowshoes, etc. I will never buy these puzzles again. What a waste of $25!!!!!

    • Michele, you can always send us an email and we will email you the actual puzzle image. We just don’t publish it on the site as many people prefer to figure the puzzle out with just the clues. We realize our puzzles are not for everyone. However, if you do stick with it and finish it I believe you will have a great feeling of accomplishment!

  3. Could you please send me a picture of the finished version of Wings of Winter? I have it about a fourth done and am stuck. I haven’t done a puzzle in years but, I love this picture and would like to finish it while it’s still winter!


    • Please send us an email and we will reply with the reveal.




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