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All of our jigsaw puzzles have a twist.  The one thing in common with the twists is that the image on the box cover will always be different than the puzzle you assemble.  Our intent is to make the whole jigsaw experience more engaging and fun as you discover a few surprises along the way.

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St. Paul Winter Carnival
Jigsaw Puzzle Contest

 2016 Winter Carnival Jigsaw Puzzle Contest.
2015 Winter Carnival Jigsaw Puzzle Contest.


CrossCribb, Another Twist on a Traditional Favorite – Cribbage!


CrossCribb - a fun twist on cribbage.

CrossCribb – a fun twist on cribbage!


CrossCribb® is the exciting strategy game that takes the traditional favorite, cribbage, and multiplies the fun times five. CrossCribb uses conventional cribbage scoring rules as you try to build five high scoring cribbage hands while simultaneously sabotaging your opponents’ hands. It’s easy to learn, but difficult to master

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