Winter Carnival Jigsaw Puzzle Contest - January 24th, 2015

72 Teams!

4 People Per Team.

1,000 Pieces.

1 Birawer Painting.

25 Things Amiss!

1 Winning Team – Adult Division.

1 Winning Team – Family Division.

DowntownStPaul72 teams competed to finish this PuzzleTwist® jigsaw puzzle created for the Winter Carnival

. The “Downtown St. Paul” image was painted by Michael Birawer, a St. Paul native and nationally acclaimed artist. The puzzle was truly a unique experience as the box cover image is different from the actual jigsaw puzzle. The teams discovered some fun and unexpected surprises, including Winter Carnival additions. The contest closed with an appearance from Michael Birawer congratulating the winning teams.

Puzzle available at the Landmark Center Gift Shop and online.

First Place – Adult Division

Minutes took team to finish.

First Place – Family Division

Minutes took team to finish.

Adult Division Results:
1st Place Adult Team: Val Coit and teammates 1:30:14
2nd Place Adult Team: Mark Geis and teammates 1:40:04
3rd Place Adult Team: Tina Schwie and teammates 1:53:10


Family Division Results:
1st Place Family Team: Lona Doolan and teammates 1:59:46
2nd Place Family Team: Betty Doss and teammates 2:23:04
3rd Place Family Team: Emily Wagner and teammates 2:29:16 (144 pieces remaining when contest ended

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