Winter Carnival Jigsaw Puzzle Contest - January 30th, 2016

72 Teams!

4 People Per Team.

130 Years of Buttons Collected.

500 Pieces.

1 Winning Team – Adult Division.

1 Winning Team – Family Division.

All Under One Roof.

Winter Carnival Buttons72 teams competed to finish this PuzzleTwist® jigsaw puzzle created for the St. Paul Winter Carnival. With the Winter Carnival celebrating 130 years, the jigsaw took contestants on a historical tour of this annual winter celebration. Teams learned all about the legend of the carnival with buttons that included King Boreas, the Vulcans, the Bouncing Team and Klondike Kate as well as past carnival events including ice palaces, ice skating and toboggan races.

If you’re up to the challenge… you too can match your puzzle skills against some of the nations best as you complete this jigsaw of the coolest celebration on earth! Puzzle available at the Landmark Center Gift Shop and online.

Marilyn DiMartino with granddaughter Megan Erickson (2013 South Wind Princess)

Marilyn DiMartino with granddaughter Megan Erickson (2013 South Wind Princess)

Special thanks goes out to Marilyn DiMartino and her late husband, Eugene, who provided the collectibles within the jigsaw. We deeply appreciate her sharing these treasures and preserving decades of carnival memories. Marilyn, known as the keeper of all things that add to the carnival’s legend, also has an exhibit at the Landmark Center during the Winter Carnival – go check it out!

First Place – Adult Division

Minutes took team to finish.

First Place – Family Division

Minutes took team to finish.

Adult Division Results:
1st Place Adult Team: Val Coit, Misty Havens, Anne Dugan, Robin Decaire: 42 minutes 09 seconds
2nd Place Adult Team: Grant Wheeler, Julie Rouse, Kris Stevens, Cindy Nelson: 50 minutes 19 seconds
3rd Place Adult Team: Mark Geis, John Wittneben, Cynthia Smith, Mike Helland: 51 minutes 33 seconds


Family Division Results:
1st Place Family Team: Lona Doolan and teammates: 46 minutes 29 seconds
2nd Place Family Team: Cassie Johnson and teammates: 74 minutes 08 seconds
3rd Place Family Team: Mary Zadach and teammates: 75 minutes 49 seconds

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