The Reveals!

Did you finish? Ready for the answers?

All of our jigsaw puzzles have a twist. The one thing in common with the twists is that the image on the box cover will always be different than the puzzle you assemble. Our intent is to make the jigsaw experience more engaging and fun as you discover a few surprises along the way.

This experience will also make the puzzle a little more challenging. While this added challenge may seem a little frustrating at first, we’re certain that once you figure it out you’ll find the satisfaction of completing the puzzle to be much greater than your traditional puzzle. We hope you enjoy these twists as much as we do!

For most of our puzzles we do not share what the actual puzzle image looks like. However, we do reveal what the changes are. The following link will bring you to the page where you can find the puzzle reveals (or changes). You will need the User Name and Password provided with your puzzle to view.

Enough already… here’s the whole twist…