PuzzleTwist... Jigsaws with a twist!

Maynard's, LLC Craft Show Photos for Entry Approval

PuzzleTwist – Jigsaws with a twist!

We have been working with local artists from Minnesota and Wisconsin to create a unique line of jigsaw puzzles called PuzzleTwist. Every puzzle in our line has a twist. The twist that is common with all our puzzles is that the image on the box cover is always a little different from the jigsaw puzzle you assemble. The intent is to make the whole jigsaw puzzle experience more engaging and fun as you discover a number of surprises!

Artists we’ve been working with include: Adam Turman, Michael Birawer, Nancy Carney, and Sarah Thorton.

Adam Turman

Cycling the Cities jigsaw puzzle.

Sarah Thorton

Doggone Crazy! jigsaw puzzle.

The PuzzleTwist Team

Michael Birawer

Canal Park jigsaw puzzle

Nancy Carney

Minnesota Spirit jigsaw puzzle.

Booth from recent event.